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1 Peter 1:1-5 "Our Living Hope"

Peter wrote this letter to churches throughout five Roman providences, which are situated in what is now Northern Turkey. It is a letter of encouragement that Peter wrote from Rome to believers to prepare them for the trials and persecutions that would come in the near future. In just a few short years after writing this letter, Nero began the systematic persecution of Christians in Rome that would soon be followed by persecution of Christians throughout the whole Roman Empire under future emperors.

Today, this letter serves us well as we see the cultural changes sweeping our country. Increasingly, our country is becoming more antagonistic towards Christians, and it is not hard to imagine what the future looks like for those who believe in Christ and hold to a Christian worldview. Much like in Peter’s day, to be a Christian requires both faith and courage. In these opening verses, Peter reminds us of our living hope. This is not a wishful hope, but a hope that is an assurance of the fulfillment of future blessings promised by God to His children. Peter calls it a “living hope of our inheritance” (v3). This inheritance is our salvation that comes through faith in Christ. There are two significant statements Peter makes concerning this inheritance.

The Substance of Our Inheritance v4

  • Imperishable - Unlike the inheritance squandered by the prodigal son. Our inheritance is eternal. In 1 Corinthians 9:15; and 15:52; Paul reminds us of the eternal nature of our salvation.

  • Unfading - Our salvation never diminishes. It is eternal and powerful. It never fades in its purpose and security for the believer

  • Undefiled - It is pure, unstained, and in our salvation, the believer one day will be completely separated from the stain or effects of sin.

The Security of Our Inheritance v5

  • Kept in Heaven - Matt. 6:19-21 reminds us of the security we have for all those things laid up for us in heaven.

  • Guarded by God’s Power - Like a large military force guarded us against hostile invasion or takeover. Our salvation is eternally secured by the power of God.

Our living hope is secured in Christ. This is what we are to fix our eyes and mind on in these times. May God be glorified through us and others see this living hope in us.

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