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Intimacy with God

Psalm 139 is one of the most profound chapters in the entire Bible. In this one chapter, God reveals a great deal about Himself and about us. In these 24 verses, we begin to see just how intimately God knows us, but we also learn that we can become more intimately acquainted with Him. Intimacy with God is something we all desire. The more we know God, the more we will love Him and experience His presence in our lives. What does this chapter reveal to us? There are at least three areas God revealed in this chapter on just how well God knows us.

  • He knows our movements. He knows our daily activities; (v2 “when I sit down and when I rise up.) He knows where we have been and where we are going; (v3 our paths and our lying down). There is no place we can go, where He is doesn’t know nor is not present; (vv7-11. Heaven or the grave, East or West, He is there. Land or sea, night or day, He is there. Because of this, we can trust His guidance. He sees all and knows all (vv10-12)

  • He knows our mouths (v4). He knows every word we utter before it ever leaves our tongues. This may be somewhat disconcerting. However, no matter our words God does not abandon us. Whether praises or curses God both hears and knows and yet He does not reject those that belong to Him. We can be honest with God. He knows our hearts and desires to change it through His Spirit.

  • He knows our motives (vv23-24). The psalmist asks God to search his heart, in order to reveal his motives. He asks God this because he knows God knows His motives and that only God can change his heart. As we grow in our knowledge and intimacy with God we realize our dependency on Him and our confidence and trust in Him grows. We discover that indeed His is good and gracious. He is loving and forgiving. We learn more of His holiness and our sinfulness and yet God uses that to draw us to Himself. We were made by God and for God. (vv13-16). These are some of the most incredible verses for us to meditate on. Each of us was created by God for His purposes. Each made in His image to bring Him glory. Even with the effects of our sin, God is still greater, He is still in control. He loves us, and He alone can save us. My desire is that we would strive to know Him intimately and serve Him faithfully.

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